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NUKE users on MAC with Yosemite

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Happy news for Nuke users with single license 🙂 Nuke v.8 is still rolling with no necessary update and working with the latest update of Apple OS Yosemite. How ever it’s a confirmation for just a single licence on single machine and nor rendering test. Please drop your comments below if you found any problems to start the application. 27 Oct 2014

Yosemite this fall, hands on it now….

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Yosemite beta is here, available for you now and in it’s forth update. A system with new GUI, and as it was presented by Apple, Yosemite has very much closer GUI to iOS from the visual perspective, as much as all of it, from it’s finder to safari interface.   Having OS 10.10 and iOS8 that close creates new concept of pc / mobile way of device usage. As it was demonstrated by Apple on it’s special event in June, a call from your computer which can be answered from any other…read more




SUPER-SYMMAR 4.5/80 XL If you planing to shot a film /music video clip or documentary film, using the best optics available to the production is the key! Most of the time you’ll be looking for that classic cinematic look of twenty four frames per second, nice sharp focus, background filled with depth of field. And off course high end Schneider lens is the dream come true to produce beautiful imagery is consistent and true to life… But that’s just not in the budget for many filmmakers/Indie movie makers or journalists,…read more